Discover the new Élysée X Maison Broussaud collaboration
Discover the new Élysée X Maison Broussaud collaboration

Discover the new Élysée X Maison Broussaud collaboration

Timeless elegance and patriotic commitment are on the program with the brand new collaboration between Maison Broussaud and the Élysée. Celebrate the very essence of French culture through these iconic accessories made in France. In this article, we invite you to discover our range of very “frenchy” socks for adults and children.


Our first models from the fall/winter 2023 collaboration: blue, white, red

Recently, Maison Broussaud socks entered the Élysée. The first models from our collaboration join our fall/winter 2023 catalog to adorn it with the colors of the blue, white and red flag.

The Élysée sock model is available in navy blue , red or gray to suit all tastes. Simple and plain, they add an elegant touch to your outfits in complete discretion. These socks are simply decorated with the lictor's fasces, embroidered in gold on the ankle, as well as a tricolor ribbed ribbon.

Broussaud Elysée socks

By the way, did you know what the Lictor's Beam is ? You may have already come across this emblem. Although it has no official character today, it is often used to represent the French Republic. Its central motif represents bundles, made up of the assembly of long, thin branches tied around an ax by straps.

Good to know : These fasces were carried by lictors in ancient Rome, officers in the service of the Magistrates who executed sentences. It was the French Revolution that reinterpreted this symbol. From now on, he represents the union and the strength of French citizens, united to defend Liberty.

In 1970, the Constituent Assembly imposed the “ antique fasces ” as the new emblem of France. Becoming one of the symbols of the French Republic at the fall of the Monarchy, it is included on the seals of the 1st and 2nd Republic. The shield which covers the beams is also engraved with the initials “RF” (French Republic). Oak branches symbolize justice and olive branches represent peace.


Immerse yourself in the world of the new models from the Élysée X Maison Broussaud collaboration

 Did you like the Élysée sock? The new sock models resulting from the collaboration between Maison Broussaud and the Élysée once again celebrate the French spirit. There is something for everyone and all feature the logo of the Presidency of the Republic under the foot.

  •  The Coco Rico sock!

The white Cocorico adult sock is decorated with the phrase “Coco Rico!” » at the ankle, for a fun and patriotic touch . With her quirky little side, she embodies all the enthusiasm and pride of French culture.

Want to vary the colors? Quickly adopt the Cocorico navy blue sock and add a little color to your outfits. With its vibrant shade, it goes with all pants and all occasions.

  • The French Republic sock

Simplicity and elegance are what characterize this pair of red socks made in France . Decorated with the letters R and F, symbol of the French Republic , they recall the fundamental values ​​of our beautiful country. Wear them with confidence and express all the attachment you have to the principles that define your homeland.

For an even more patriotic touch , complete your collection with the ecru and navy blue socks from the République Française range . Here again we find a pretty solid color that blends into any look. Contrast is given by a more vibrant shade at the toes, heels and ribbing.

  • The French team sports sock

The year 2024 will be marked by sport. Do you want to support the national team all the way? It's possible with this model of unisex sports socks , 100% made in France, a unique collaboration with the Élysée boutique.

Made from white cotton, they feature the words “ Équipe de France ” at the ankle. We also find two red and blue lines on the ribbing, a vintage and sporty touch reminiscent of the tricolor flag.

Broussaud Elysée socks


Children's models: fashion also comes to the playground! 

Just like fashion, patriotism has no age limits. With our collection of children's socks in collaboration with the Élysée , 100% French style is also available in the playground. 

  • The Cocorico sock for children

Fully decorated with the words “Co”, “Ri” and “Co!” », this Cocorico children's sock is a true hymn to joy and national pride. Teach little ones to be proud to celebrate French identity in style .

Comfortable, soft, hygienic and made with safe materials for little feet, this sock has nothing but qualities. As a bonus? A pretty ecru color, which will be perfect for any occasion.

  • The Marianne sock for the little ones 

Choosing the Marianne children's sock model means putting all the symbolism of this figure of the French Republic on their feet . These accessories are a good opportunity to teach them the values ​​of our homeland and the motto “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”.

In a very soft ecru shade, we find at the ankle the poetic drawing of a woman wearing the famous Phrygian cap . Children will be happy to find this universal symbol, already seen on postage stamps and official buildings of the French Republic.


What materials are used in the manufacture of the socks in this collaboration?

In our socks, we find cotton, polyamide and elastane. These raw materials all meet OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 standards, which guarantees the chemical safety of our skin accessories.

At Maison Broussaud, we work in close collaboration with carefully selected spinners. Our demanding criteria allow us to use yarns that meet strict quality standards, to knit socks that do not contain any chemicals harmful to health .