The 4 key prints for fall winter 2023-2024
The 4 key prints for fall winter 2023-2024

The 4 key prints for fall winter 2023-2024

The fall-winter 2023-2024 fashion shows are unanimous: 4 prints will stand out this season. On the catwalks, these prints and patterns stood out: the 1950s-inspired polka dot, the floral print which can now be worn both in summer and winter, but also tartan which is making a comeback or even more colorful patterns. bold like landscapes. Deciphering the reasons to adopt this winter.


The tartan

Died on December 22, 2022, British designer Vivienne Westwood leaves an empire behind her. Among the stylistic codes of the empress of punk, we remember her favorite motif, tartan. The latter stands out as one of the essential patterns of this fall-winter season. A common thread in many fashion shows, it can be found on coats as well as on pants, skirts, blazer jackets or as a touch on accessories like bags or socks. Spotted on the Burberry, Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Stella McCartney fashion shows or at Andreas Kronthaler (artistic director of the Vivienne Westwood house since the death of his wife), tartan will be very popular in 2024. This typically Scottish checked wool fabric , with which kilts are notably made, lends itself to many styles: glam-rock, preppy, punk, grunge…

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Seen at Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, on a coat at Burberry or on dresses at Chanel, the floral print will be everywhere this year, even this fall-winter! Usually very fashionable in spring-summer, floral patterns will be present all year round. In 2024, the patterns are colorful and rustic, with the floral print worn all-over in the season's outfits or more discreetly as a touch with accessories.

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The peas

Another print stands out on the catwalks this fall-winter 2023/2024: polka dots. A classic pattern, the polka dot fits very well into the Old Money trend which wants us to adopt a chic style with quality pieces. We love them for their retro spirit which evokes the Dolce Vita or timeless French chic. A fifties trend, the polka dot immediately gives a retro aura to your outfit. We find it on 60's dresses at Miu Miu, in a satin version on transparent pieces at Nina Ricci and Alaïa, or in a total look at Benetton. Renowned for its houndstooth and checks, Chanel diverts the house's emblematic white camellia to affix it to pieces of black tweed, offering an original way of diverting the polka dot pattern.

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The landscapes

Clothing as a work of art is the bias of certain stylists who decorate their creations with abstract prints in the form of landscapes, frescoes, paintings... with patterns as if painted by hand. More difficult to adopt, this trend was seen notably at Coperni, which illustrates the fable “The Wolf and the Lamb” by La Fontaine on two leather jackets, and at Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood, who pays homage to his wife with a top bearing his image.

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