Participating in sales and manufacturing in France, is this compatible?
Participating in sales and manufacturing in France, is this compatible?

Participating in sales and manufacturing in France, is this compatible?

Promotions, slashed prices... The 2024 summer sales will begin on Wednesday June 26 and end on Tuesday July 23. A high point in consumption, sales allow brands to sell off their remaining stocks and allow consumers to get good deals. But for several years, more and more brands have been questioning the negative impact of sales. In this article, Maison Broussaud gives you its vision of the sales and why it decides to participate. So, is it possible to have “ethical” sales?

Overproduction, one of the main drifts of sales

Invented in 1873, sales were originally intended to liquidate dormant stocks from previous collections, allowing brands to avoid throwing away their unsold items. But far from the initial objective of clearance, many brands are now abusing sales through questionable practices, by inflating their prices outside of sales or by overproducing in anticipation of larger purchase volumes during this period. Some even go so far as to produce collections of inferior quality produced especially for the sales period, while the sale items should have been put on sale at least one month before the sale date. 

At Maison Broussaud, we produce quality items all year round, in reasonable quantities at the rate of two new collections per year . 

Sales and the question of the right price

With the rise of fast fashion, discounts and low prices have become the norm and lead us to question the notion of a fair price . Indeed, as we know, certain brands inflate their margins (and therefore their sales prices) excessively the rest of the year, which allows them to cut prices during sales and give customers the impression of Make a good deal.

As a French manufacturer, we sell our socks at a fair price all year round, one that allows us to properly remunerate our entire production chain in France, and to continue to support the company in our territory.

Indeed, if some brands are content to unfairly inflate their prices, others practice reasoned sales, occasionally reducing their small margin so that you can more easily consume responsibly and made in France.

Overconsumption, the other derives from sales

Another criticism that we can make of sales is that they encourage overconsumption. Do we really need this new t-shirt, or are we just buying it because it costs 10€ instead of 20? Not overconsuming means knowing what you really need, and turning to durable, good quality clothing made in good conditions.

Overconsumption is proportional to the fashion effect: the more ephemeral the collections, the greater the problem. This is why at Maison Broussaud, we produce socks with a limited seasonal impact. We focus on quality timeless pieces and only offer two new collections per year.

In fact, we have been manufacturing high-end socks in France since 1938! There are 3 generations passing down the know-how and passion for knitting in a small factory in the heart of Limousin. Excellent know-how labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant and manufacturing certified Origine France Garantie . 

The positioning of Maison Broussaud regarding sales

Clearing unsold items at low prices is not a harmful practice in itself. The problem is massive, excessive and abusive promotions. At Maison Broussaud, we believe that sales can be done in a conscious and reasoned manner. 

We do not sell our permanent collection or our collaborative socks, because they are basic and timeless socks that you can find all year round. We only sell our old collections marked by seasonality. Take advantage of our sale men's collections or our sale women's collections .

We also produce reasonable quantities. However, we too have a few models still in stock at the end of the season. So that these unsold items do not remain at the bottom of a box and are not thrown away, we have decided to participate in the sales.

This allows us to offer you Made in France socks at more accessible prices during this period, and thus encourage useful and sustainable purchases.