Top 5 sock patterns to wear this summer!
Top 5 sock patterns to wear this summer!

Top 5 sock patterns to wear this summer!

The sunny days are here and we have more than one idea in mind: to shorten our wardrobe. As the thermometer rises, we dream of light and colorful outfits. To brighten up and refresh your look, don't rely on the color of your t-shirt or the style of your skirt. Socks are perfect for adding an original and vibrant touch to your outfit. In this article, we present to you 5 essential patterns for your summer socks. Want more? Discover all the collections of socks for men and socks for women on the Maison Broussaud website.


Why choose patterned socks in summer?

Summer is synonymous with sun and heat, walks and outdoor activities. It's the season for light clothes , bright colors and short shoes that show off the ankles. It's also the perfect time to pick out new socks .

Too often relegated to the background, these accessories are nevertheless essential to our wardrobe. So, why not take advantage of the sunny days to wear trendy and comfortable socks? With a pair of patterned socks, you will no longer worry about letting your socks stick out from your shoes .

Socks spring summer 2024 Maison Broussaud

Adopting patterned socks also means letting your personality and tastes be reflected in your outfit. These accessories are not only comfortable and hygienic, they also tell a story. Are you passionate about boats? Opt for a marine motif featuring a frigate or a school of fish. Do you prefer the calm of beautiful gardens? Proudly wear your love for flowers with floral socks.


Whether you're vacationing by the seaside or dancing at your best friends' wedding, patterned socks will add a unique and cheerful touch to your outfit. After all, life is too short to settle for plain socks !


What are the essential patterns for men's summer socks?

Gentlemen, discover the essential men's sock designs to wear this summer.


Striped sailor-style socks


Sailor socks

Nautical stripes that immediately evoke summer and the seaside. The “marinière” pattern is a classic for giving a chic and relaxed look . Whatever its color, it's a timeless piece that brings a discreet touch of originality to your outfit.

These striped socks are perfect for completing a holiday outfit. Pair them with beige shorts or pants, a white linen shirt and loafers for an impeccable sailor look .


Marine patterned socks


Are you spending your summer vacation on a yacht? Are you planning a walk at the port? There's nothing better than nautical designs to perfectly fit the mood. Old sea dog, rudder, seahorse, caravel or frigate, choose your favorite model among the fancy socks for men from Maison Broussaud .

Dare to wear chinos, a plain t-shirt and sneakers. This set will be perfect for a trendy and casual holiday look .

Men's summer socks


Geometric prints


Clean lines or dynamic shapes, geometric patterns offer a contemporary and sophisticated look. Dare to wear caviar or pea socks for your urban outings. To stroll through the streets of the city in the evening or to enjoy a coffee on the terrace, they bring a touch of modernity that will make all the difference.

This type of men's fancy socks goes well with slim jeans, an open shirt and a pair of sneakers.


What is the perfect pattern selection of women's summer socks?

Ladies, discover the trendy patterns of the summer collection of women's socks designed by Maison Broussaud.


Floral socks for a romantic look


Floral socks are essential models to bring a touch of freshness, romance and poetry to your summer outfits. Delicate and feminine, they are perfect with a white plumetis top and a denim skirt.

Want a bohemian look for a festival or wedding? Opt for floral socks and a pretty pair of pumps.

Flower pattern socks


The Vichy pattern for a country feel


Essential and above all timeless, the Vichy pattern continues to seduce. Its small checks, reminiscent of our grandmothers' tablecloths, give a rustic and retro look to any outfit. This is the ideal motif for an outdoor picnic or a trip to the countryside.

Pair this pair of socks with a short solid-colored dress to show off your Vichy checks . Add to the ensemble a straw hat, sunglasses and white espadrilles or sneakers.

How can fancy patterns boost your summer outfit?

Fancy socks add a fun and quirky touch to all outfits , even the simplest. Shall we give you some examples?

How to boost your summer look with Maison Broussaud’s fancy socks :

  • Corals : A pair of invisible socks that slip perfectly into a pair of sneakers for an afternoon at the beach. Patterns inspired by coral reefs will bring color and cheerfulness to your outfit.


  • Tigers : These original socks will give a little wild touch to your summer looks. For a road trip or a walk in the forest, they can be worn with rolled-up pants to show off your daring.


  • Fish : What's better than a school of fish for a summer look? Playful and casual, they can be worn with shorts or linen pants.


  • Epicureans : Summer is also the season for aperitifs and barbecues. Celebrate life's little pleasures all the way with these socks decorated with wine glasses.


And for those who want to boost their outfit with a touch of more classic originality, discover the rest of the fancy socks for women or fancy socks for men from Maison Broussaud. With geometric patterns like polka dots, chevrons or stripes, you can't go wrong.


Maison Broussaud sports socks: style, even for playing sports

Are you a fan of hiking, outdoor yoga sessions, horse riding or running? Summer is also the ideal season for practicing outdoor sporting activities . Sports socks are therefore essential to guarantee perfect hygiene and greater comfort.

At Maison Broussaud, we believe that sports socks should reflect your sense of style while being comfortable. Our models are soft, breathable and fit your foot perfectly without compromising your look.


If you are looking for the perfect compromise between comfort and design, quickly discover our collections of sports socks for women and sports socks for men .